Hannah Collins is a self taught abstract artist best known for her dramatic use of dark moody colour schemes.
She lives with her family by the coast in Dorset, UK.
Hannah’s inspiration comes from many places, but through Hannah’s constant experimentation she has found a recognisable style that carries itself through her various techniques. In particular, exploring the contrasts between light/dark and smooth/texture bring her the most satisfaction. Often you will see works where she combines all of those elements. Her favourite medium, oils, lends itself perfectly for these striking pieces.

In 2017 Hannah took part in SAW, Somerset Art Weeks, where she exhibited her work alongside five other talented artists.
Sarah Beeny’s “Renovate don’t relocate” on RealityTV channel featured a few of her pieces in Series 1 episode 3.
The Dorset Echo, a local newspaper, did an article on Dorset’s biggest social media profiles, Hannah was featured among them. Link here.

Many of Hannah’s works have found homes world wide. USA, New Zealand, Singapore, Hong Kong, Australia, to name but a few. Many of these have been commission pieces. If this is something that interests you, please take a look at her commissions page.