Creating art for the pure joy of creating is what drives me, it is my passion. In addition to this, making commissions brings me connections to people that my other works may not. One of the reasons is that commissions often hold meanings that are beyond what my usual works reflect.
The colours and compositions chosen by clients may hold memories, or may be chosen to match an interior, or perhaps a new piece to go with something previously purchased. 
Whatever the reason, a commission is a bespoke piece of art created solely for you.

To discuss a commission please use the contact form to register interest.
Price is dependent on size. 
Rounds start from 7″ in diameter.
Some commissions will require bespoke panels to be made. If a custom made panel is required, it will add a further two weeks to the overall completion time.
The completion time varies between pieces and mediums.

I look forward to hearing from you, 


commission example.