First and foremost I am a mother of three, married and live with my family by the coast in Dorset, UK.
Prior to realising my passion, I was a dedicated stay at home mum, art was my hobby. However once I started painting more regularly it became big part of my identity. 

Where it began
Being creative started at an early age, some of my fondest memories involve the occasions my mum would give my siblings and I scraps of pastry to mold into various shapes. We would sit around the kitchen table with an array of plastic cookie cutters and be allowed to make anything we wanted. Or being in the garden with my dad making odd things out of wood and nails. I once attempted to make a chair, it broke as soon as I sat down. 
We were always encouraged to draw, paint and use a variety of things to express ourselves. 
Although I loved painting it wasn’t something I studied in education, I taught myself. Experimenting was the key to finding my unique style. 

My inspiration comes from many places. The colours from nature; sunsets, flowers, seasons. The wisps of smoke created when blowing out a match, or the frenzied waves in stormy seas.
In particular, exploring the contrasts between light/dark and smooth/texture bring me the most satisfaction. Often you will see works where I combine all of those elements.

Far flung Art
It humbles me that so many people wish to display my art. Many pieces have found homes world wide. USA, New Zealand, Singapore, Hong Kong, Australia, to name but a few. Many of these have been commission pieces. If this is something that interests you, please take a look at my commissions page.

Sarah Beeny’s “Renovate don’t relocate” on RealityTV channel featured a few of my pieces in Series 1 episode 3. It was a surreal moment seeing my work on the TV.  

My local newspaper did an article on Dorset’s biggest social media profiles where I was featured among them. Link here.

Hannah Collins

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